Employers: How to shop for payroll & HR services more efficiently

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If you’re shopping for payroll & HR services, how much time will you spend looking around? You can easily spend 40 hours meeting with individual sales agents, sitting through demos, asking the same questions to each person, going back and forth…you get the idea.

Creating an RFP takes a long time, especially if multiple people are involved. Then, despite the effort you put into requesting proposals, too often you’ll receive generic quotes in return — but you need something that’s tailored to your unique needs.

If you manage to get a detailed proposal, often it will clobber you over the head with technical jargon. This forces you to ask the direct sales person to explain the very thing they’re trying to sell to you.

There’s a better way to approach shopping for payroll and HR services. PayrollCRM helps you…

  1. Figure out your payroll and HR needs upfront, before you talk to any salesperson. Then you can put these into your RFP or let us shop the market for you.
  2. Collect and review custom proposals tailored to your company’s unique employer/employee structure.
  3. Understand the technical guts of each proposal, so you get the right services and don’t pay for anything you don’t need.

Want to improve your payroll and HR purchasing process? Click here to get started. We’ll help you get better services for a better price.

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