Payroll firms: Are you being undersold as “just payroll”?

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As a payroll company, you probably collect referrals from a network of influencers, like CPAs and benefits brokers. But when was the last time you thought about how they talk about your company?

Are you a commodity shop, a place that they send references when someone needs payroll? Are you the payroll fixer who swoops in when people have a problem with their current payroll provider? Are you the local go-to payroll company when businesses want to replace an outdated in-house system?

If so, congratulations – you’re obviously doing something right. But what about when people need more than payroll?

Would a referral source still mention your name if their client needed time tracking, HR consulting, and employee benefits administration? Are you known as an expert in all areas of workforce management, or have you been pigeonholed as “just payroll”?

Why you need to offer more than “just payroll”

The workforce services world has changed – primarily due to ACA regulations – and payroll alone isn’t the answer for most clients anymore. It’s critical for you to be able to offer the full range of workforce management services: time tracking, HR consulting and technology, and benefits expertise along with payroll services.

The government requires more records and communications. Employees expect comprehensive benefits and online benefits management. And employers know that the right workforce management technology can give them data that will show them how to become more profitable.

I’m sure you already know this. But here’s the second thing to consider – do you have a way to consistently package, price and sell these workforce services?

How to easily sell more than basic payroll

PayrollCRM is the easiest way to sell payroll and workforce services — especially if you already have a CRM system in place. From pricing to sales to implementation, everything is managed in a transparent web-based system. Your prospect, your sales team, and your implementation specialists always know exactly what’s been promised, accepted, and delivered.

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