Payroll firms: How to build a free sales force in 5 steps

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1. Identify the top insurance brokers/agents, bookkeepers and CPA’s in your area

These people are already spending time with your prospects every day. They have long-standing, trusted relationships. In exchange for selling your services, offer them a new way to help their clients, protect their relationships and diversify their monthly income.

Find the people who want to be more than just a broker or an accountant — find the ones who want to be a total business advisor for their clients. These are the people who get the big picture — who understand how workforce management and benefits are tightly woven together.

2. Give them a question based fact-finder and quoting tool so they can quickly create detailed, accurate quotes for your services

Use a question-based quoting and proposal tool like PayrollCRM to make it easy for your referral sources to sell your services. PayrollCRM cuts the learning time of selling payroll and related services down to just a few hours. Now your referral sources can produce detailed payroll quotes during their usual conversations with clients.

3. Establish a favorable revenue sharing program which allows the broker/agent to manage their margins

Your referral sources want control over their income, so your quoting tool needs to give them control over pricing. Make sure your tool lets you establish floor pricing so you lock in profitability, then let your referral sources price your services as high as the market will bear. Find a way to split the markup and you both win.

On the other hand, some referral sources won’t want to get into the details of pricing. Fine — have them only collect fact finders, you handle the pricing and quoting, and pay them an agreed commission or one-time payment if the lead becomes a client.

PayrollCRM makes both of these approaches to referral business easy. It standardizes the quoting process and gets referral sources selling fast. No more emailing spreadsheets around and making sure everyone’s in sync with the same version of the same document.

4. Assign a dedicated manager to the clients they refer

Insurance brokers are used to this arrangement from working with insurance carriers. The dedicated manager keeps clients happy by answering all of their questions with expert knowledge. They also keep the broker happy — and selling for you — by taking on the responsibility of ongoing customer service.

5. Provide a platform that allows the broker’s staff to easily onboard new customers.

The hardest — and most expensive — part of selling workforce management services through a referral source is the hand-off from sales to implementation. It’s all too common for sales to promise one set of services only to have the implementation team build out a different set.

PayrollCRM is a single platform for selling workforce managment services that takes prospects from fact finder to pricing to quote to implementation. Sales, implementation and the client can always see exactly which services were promised and which were accepted.

And because implementation flows directly from the quoting process, big chunks of implementation can be accomplished by the broker — and the client — through a self-service website. PayrollCRM handles all of this in order to speed up your new client onboarding and to reduce your cost of implementation.

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